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Sisterhood Creates Magic!

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There is something so majestic about sisterhood. When women come together, we make magic happen! Whether it’s a million women in attendance at our nation’s capital for the Woman’s March, being at the forefront of a social movement like #BlackLivesMatter, joining a sorority or just bonding over brunch. Having the support from your sisters just can’t be matched.

Women empowerment is a major component of sisterhood in the business world. The old saying is true “There’s strength in numbers” and right now, women count for most entrepreneurs in this country. We are raising the proverbial ‘business-ceiling’ in the working world. According to Atlanta’s WEI (Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative) there are 203k women-owned businesses in metro Atlanta, GA…so far!

However, women are still susceptible to barriers that our male counterparts don’t face which is why as women, we must support each other. One of the main concerns for women entrepreneurs is a lack of support from a community in their ability to start their own businesses. It is imperative to find or cultivate a village, community, or circle of support.

As women, we need a safe place to be vulnerable and share our frustrations; as well an environment that builds relationships that will nurture our growth. Here are some ways to get involved – Become a mentor for young women, accept that invite to join an organization that encourages bonding with women, or plan a girls’ night out. Whatever you choose… know that you are a part of creating magic!
Contributing Blogger – Roshanda Hosch

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  1. Great Organization for women. Love the brunch concepts

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